Kid's Care International Preschool

A project of building a Classroom for “Kid’s Care International Pre-School” at Baluwatar has been completed in 7 days. After the devastating earthquake of Baisakh 12th, 2074, people are much aware that Earthquakes doesn't kill people, buildings do, buildings that were poorly designed & built. Therefore, due to the high demand and concern of parents and also safety preferences for their young one’s. Nowadays many schools have opted for construction of earthquake resistant school buildings. This classroom of Kid’s Care has been built by using Korean EPS(Expanded Polystyrene) Panel; it is affordable, efficient, fire proof, water-proof, sound insulation, fast and easy in construction, light weight, labour saving, thermal insulation, safe and durable. As Nepal is an earthquake-prone area, being aware about the catastrophe well, in advance is one of the means to take precaution from the problems and implementing the safety in need and save lives by building earthquake- resistant buildings.