What materials can be used in interiors and exteriors walls?

For interiors – Ivory, Flat panel can be as internal partition.

For exteriors – Gray RP Panel, Wooden sliding panel & Black color Zinc panel can be used for exterior walls.

What are the advantages of Sandwich Panels?

It arrives in a prefabricated form to the site so basically you “just” have to fit them to the right place and screw them in which saves a lot of time.

It is extremely resistant to weather conditions so you don’t have to spend conservation often.

They have a long lifespan thus they provide long-term solution

It’s thermal insulation indicator is close to 100% which is outstanding compared to other building elements

It can be ordered in different colors so all aesthetical needs of the customer can be satisfied

It has tiny net weight so its mounting is easier and faster and its delivery is more economical

The surface can be cleaned so it is recommended for those plants where there are high hygiene standards.

It is biologically neutral material and has no impact on human physiology.

Where are Sandwich Panels used?

Sandwich panels are prevalent in the Food industry, Cold storage, Warehouses, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Commercial showrooms, Offices, Sports facilities, Restaurants, Schools, Airport terminals, Museums, Theaters, Shopping malls, Interior wall partitions, Residential buildings used almost anywhere.

What is EPS Panels ?

EPS stands for Expandable Polystyrene. It is a rigid cellular plastic that is made from expandable polystyrene that contains expansion agent. It is most commonly used for packaging food stuffs, medical supplies, electrical consumer goods and insulation panels for buildings.

Where is EPS Panel used ?

It is used in the construction of either single or multiple storey private and commercial buildings world wide ranging from schools, offices, houses, factories, commercial buildings and the likes of modern airports.

Is it fire resistant ?

During the manufacturing process, our EPS panels are injected with material (Hexabromocyclododecane) minimizing the risks of fire and thus making the panels fire retardant.

How long does it take to construct ?

It is possible to construct a 2 storey house in approximately 3 months using only EPS panels and complementary materials.

Why build a Panel based structure?

Residential and commercial buildings constructed using panel based building systems are strong, fast, and highly energy efficient. They can be built in less time than traditional stick-frame construction with more sustainable materials and very little construction site waste.

What is Sandwich Panel?

A Sandwich panel is a construction material that consists of two slabs, and there is heat insulation between them. Due to rigid fitment, the sandwich panels can bear high loads, and provided that; it is very simple to work with them. 

It is an insulated panel which is used for roof, exterior cladding and interior partition of Warehouse buildings, Factory buildings, Commercial buildings and Cold storages.

Polyurethane(PIR or PUR) foam, Glass Wool, Flame Retardant EPS(Styrofoam and EPS) are used as insulation core materials.