What is Sandwich Panel?

A SY panel is a construction material that consists of two slabs, and there is heat insulation between them. Due to rigid fitment, the sandwich panels can bear high loads, and provided that; it is very simple to work with them. 

It is an insulated panel which is used for roof, exterior cladding and interior partition of Warehouse buildings, Factory buildings, Commercial buildings and Cold storages.

Polyurethane(PIR or PUR) foam, Glass Wool, Flame Retardant EPS(Styrofoam and EPS) are used as insulation core materials.

How We can Help

  • Prefab Shelter Construction
  • Earthquake-Resistant Structure
  • Wall & Roof Solution
  • Remodeling
  • Wall Partition
  • Decorating Solution
  • Sound Insulation
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  • PVC Windows & Steel Doors
  • Subsidiary Materials for Panel Construction

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  • Hospitality Industry
  • Schools, Offices & Military Camp
  • Housing
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  • Hospitals, Industries & Factories
  • Airports & Stadiums
  • Gym Halls, Warehouses & Hatcheries
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