Mobile Storage

Our Client who is running a factory, ordered us 2020*3130*2250h storage for his factory. He wanted to make this storage with Ivory which is basic color.

- 2 windows included (1000*1000)

-  1 Panel Door included ( 1000*2100)


Base Frame was built from SY agency

Caster wheel is used for the base frame. Thus it can move smooth from irregular factory surface.

- The point of making base frame is to maintain exact flatness

- The high of Frame is 150mm, So the floor of this storage hardly get wet by rain and bug cant go in storage easily.


This base frame has 8 wheels and 6 horizontal adjustment device that it can maintain firm horizontal at any situation.


 This is the shelf that our client wanted to install. Our agency specially made this with Triple layer to maximize the storability.


This is Double door (optional) which can able storing big stuff easily in storage.


Don’t you think this will be very useful?

We are sure if you have this in your factory, the work process will be shortened and more efficient.

Instead of making storage with single sheet of metal, try with our Panel.

- We use insulated materials to maintain temperature.

 Can be used for various purpose.

- Panels and windows, doors can be reused after disassemble.

- Can be used for multi-purpose room.

- Very easy to customize

- Movable, change the location occasionally


How We can Help

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